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FOREMOST FOTOGRAPHY BY EDWARD VULLO & ASSOCIATES provides still photography and videography services for weddings, anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, awards banquets, seminars, holiday corporate parties, family and class reunions, milestone birthday parties or any other event that's worth professionally capturing for posterity. Families should feel free to request in-home family portraiture even during important holidays. We also aid realtors in showcasing their listings with stunning interior and exterior images in even the tightest situations. Several law offices have relied on us over the years to document crime and accident scenes, as well as macro images of personal injuries, for subsequent presentation at depositions and jury trials. At the convenience of corporations and organizations, we can set up a portable studio background on location and take head and shoulder portaits of employees or members for website display or future press releases.


WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER FOREMOST TO COVER YOUR EVENT? Because there's more to consider than just the price. Our associates go into an assignment attempting to combine contemporary with traditional images, with at least two professional-grade digital camera and flash systems. 'No flash' events are photographed at high ISO speeds with fast telephoto lenses so that re-staging segments of the ceremony usually isn't necessary. Throughout the event, we exert effort to minimize closed eyes and unflattering expressions by taking multiple shots of the more important poses. Harsh shadows and red eye often seen in flash photography is reduced by using indirect and diffused lighting, as well as radio controlled off-camera flash units to illuminate areas of the room that would otherwise be disproportionately darker.


AND THERE'S MORE TO EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY THAN THE PRICE AND THE PHOTOS. The associates at Foremost are covered by our liability insurance, which in turn protects you from potential casualty liability on the part of the venue. They are experienced veteran photographers (no rookies or trainees). That means that they know where to be and when to be there, no matter what denomination ceremony or venue, and will do whatever is reasonably necessary to get the shot while still adhering to the venue's mandated guidelines and without being overly conspicuous. Portraits of individuals and groupings are carefully scrutinized for makeup application, facial expressions, proper stance and wearing of apparel. Out of respect for our clients, the associate's manner of dress will conform to the level of formality of the event. Our associates are personable and willing to advise or assist in any way they're able to enhance the day photographically. After all, our basic principle of operation is that we're working for you that day, not the other way around, so your assigned photographer will gladly fill special requests from you or anyone that you authorize. Simply put, the photographic style and technique used will reflect your tastes, not ours.