FAMILY PORTRAITURE in the comfort of your home or outside on the property is $99. Individual family groupings okay.


INANIMATE OBJECT PHOTOGRAPHY applies to situations in which available light or camera mounted flash is adequate and requires no more than a half hour of on-location time - $49.

BANQUET/SEMINAR COVERAGE is billed in quarter hour segments from setup to teardown - $79/hr.

LEGAL PHOTOGRAPHY is billed at $89/hr. in quarter hour segments plus incurred expenses.

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY is billed at $99/hr. from setup to teardown plus incurred expenses.

PROOF SHEETS - clustered proof images on 8.5x11 premium injket paper with corresponding file numbers and any additional requested data are $9.95 per sheet and available in the following cluster/size combinations: two 3 x 4.5, six 2.25 x 3.5, fifteen 1.5 x 2.25, twenty 1.25 x 1.75, twenty-four 1 1/8 x 1.75, thirty 1 x 1.5, forty 7/8 x 1 3/8.

NOTES: Add sales tax rate of the county in which the shoot takes place. A surcharge will be added if extended periods of driving time are required to distant locations.


AS YOU LIKE IT PACKAGE - Full day coverage of unlimited exposures with the final product being a disc of edited and enhanced high resolution image files with full copyright relinquishment included as well as a 90 day posting of the images on our viewing site for your friends' and relatives' ordering convenience...$995. Ceremony with reception immediately following at different venues (two locations only)...$625. Ceremony with the reception immediately following at the same venue (one location only)...$550.

Looking for a convenient way to carry your event images around to show off to friends and family? Add an 8x10 or 10x13 spiral-bound presentation booklet, with titled cover page, of selected images from your disc:

- 8x10 booklet with four 2.5 x 3.5 images per page...$4.50/page

- 10x13 booklet with six 2.5 x 3.5 images per page...$6.95/page

  • Can't do without a final-quality keepsake album that would become a family heirloom? Whenever you're ready, we can design a digital template10x10 flush mount library-style book by Valencia with images you select from the disc. Thecover comes in black, with or without a square window:
  • - 20 sides from 60 images...$649
  • - 30 sides from 90 images...$749
  • - 40 sides from 120 images...$849
  • Interested in a more entertaining way of viewing your photos? Consider a titled slide show of selected images set to music using creative transitions:
  • - 75 cents per image ($75 minimum)
  • full day coverage with approximately 500 exposures taken.
  • posting of your edited and enhanced proof images on our viewing site for 90 days.
  • a 10x13 spiral-bound digital proof magazine with titled cover and six 2.5 x 3.5 edited and enhanced proof images per page.
  • you select the images to be included in the final album, and we do the rest. You'll end with up an eclectic combination of sizes, layouts and poignant text. The images will be a variety of original color, sepia tone, black & white, spot colored and opaque printed on professional-quality silver halide E surface 10x10paper.
  • Album Style Choices
  • -Flora flex-hinge albums feature wraparound covers for a bound-book appearance and
  • are available in Medallion or Pearl, plain or window front. Their rigid removable-page- style base leaves have sturdy brass corner tips and come in pearl with gold edge, black with black edge, or black with silver edge.
  • - Elite library bound cover sets in plain or window front include integrated rigid mylar-edged pages, and are available in an ivory cover with gold-edged pages, black cover with black-edged black pages, or black cover with silver-edged black pages.
  • - Valencia library bound flush mount albums come in black plain or window front. The prints are adhesively mounted edge-to-edge on a rigid base page with mylar-edged metal reinforced corners.
  • Grouping Prices
  • Flora and Elite Albums
  • 24 sides/up to 70 images....$2,195
  • 30 sides/up to 90 images....$2,395
  • 36 sides/up to 110 images....$2,550
  • 42 sides/up to 130 images....$2,695
  • 48 sides/up to 160 images....$2,895
  • Valencia Album
  • 20 sides/up to 60 images....$1,995
  • 30 sides/up to 90 images....$2,325
  • 40 sides/up to 120 imagtes....$2,650
  • full day coverage with approxomately 500 exposures taken.
  • a white or black titled preview album with 200 enhanced 4x6s selected from the edited proof images that would be posted on our site for 90 days.
  • a Flora flex-hinge wraparound cover for a bound-look appearance is available in Medallion or Pearl, with or without a square window front, and includes "Our Wedding" title plus a two line imprint of the couple's names and wedding date in gold, silver or embossed black.
  • the rigid non-acetate base leaves and reversible-mount mats are edged in gold, silver or black with matching sturdy brass corner tips.
  • each side would contain any combination of one 8x10, two 5x7s or four 4x5s/4x6s.
  • black & white or sepia tone prints can be substituted at no extra charge.
  • - 12 base leaves for 24 sides...$1,995.
  • - 18 base leaves for 36 sides...$2,250.
  • - 24 base leaves for 48 sides...$2,495.
  • - 30 base leaves for 60 sides...$2,750.
  • - 34 base leaves for 68 sides...$2,950.
  • On a tight budget? Ask about our EXPRESS PACKAGES!
  • - Select from a wide range of proofbook-style to full-size non-accetate-insert style albums
  • that contain anywhere from 30 to 120 of either all 4x6 or all 5x7 prints, and include anywhere from one to four locations coverage.....from $449.
  • full day coverage by one operator using both a tripod-mounted and shoulder-mounted professional grade standar definition 3CCD mini DV camcorder.
  • footage is combined and edited, with opening segments set to music, and recorded on the final DVDs exclusively in the one hour mode for maximum image quality.
  • whenever feasible, the groom and the lectern are outfitted with wireless microphones during the ceremony, as well as the DJ's mixing console during the reception for superior audio quality.
  • a camera-mounted light is used whenever necessary for low light situations.
  • clips of the altar return family and bridal party groupings are included, as well as individual tables at the reception.
  • we will arrange to have the DJ or band announce an invitation to your guests to record a personalized video message to you.- $995 including two parent DVD sets
  • NOTES (applies to all event services): a $12 surcharge will be added for each county traveled-through beyond counties that border Cuyahoga. Any parking, admission, toll or ferry charges incurred by the photographer will be included on the final invoice. Add the sales tax rate of the county in which the shoot takes place. A $300 non-refundable retainer reserves the date, while 80% of the pakcage price including sales tax and deposit must be paid by the event date, the balance being payable upon delivery of the final product.